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Baring Private Equity Partners España, S.A.U. SGEIC (“BPEP Spain”) has been operating in Spain and Portugal since 1987, combining the management of both private equity funds and institutional client portfolios.

The company is one of the first private equity fund managers established in Spain, and is regulated and supervised by the National Securities and Exchange Commission (CNMV).

BPEP Spain provides equity to private small and medium-sized companies, preferably located in Spain and Portugal, with the objective of financing and contributing to their expansion and internationalization, shareholder restructuring or management-buy-out.

We are actively committed to the management of our portfolio companies and are focused on pursuing those investment opportunities whereby we can add or create value by participating in the management and strategy of the companies, as well as by contributing our experience in different business aspects.

We believe it is fundamental to develop a close relationship with entrepreneurs and the management of our portfolio companies in order to precisely identify common objectives and synergies.

BPEP Spain was originally part of the multinational group Baring Private Equity International, an extensive on-the-ground network of private equity specialists with global operations and teams focused on their local markets, in addition to a wide array of experience in various markets throughout its history.


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