Adding Value

Supporting projects, investing in people.

BPEP Spain is not merely a financial investor. Our investment philosophy is based on investing in companies to which we can add significant value. As such, we are actively involved in the management of our portfolio companies through both their administration and control boards, as well as by providing support for the executive team who will lead the day to day operations.

Our objective is to add value to our portfolio companies in close coordination with the executive team, especially in areas such as:


  • Development of long-term strategies

  • Providing support to management

  • Expansion and internationalization initiatives

  • Finances and controlling

  • Evaluation of technology

  • Search for financial, strategic or technological partners

We believe that a close relationship with both entrepreneurs and executives of our portfolio companies is the key to building enduring businesses, and therefore strive to identify common objectives and synergies. Our experience has shown us that successful investments are based on a relationship built on mutual trust and, as partners of the companies we invest in, we are clearly focused on value creation.

In essence, our commitment involves being an active business partner who stands up for people, approaching private equity investment from an entrepreneurial point of view, and not merely as a financial activity.