Current Portfolio Highlights


Adelte Group, S.L.

Adelte originated from a group of companies founded in Barcelona in 1991 which was dedicated to the design, installation and start-up of airport passenger boarding bridges (PBB) under the TEAM brand name. Later, the group began developing new products (PBBs for cruise and ferry seaports and ground support equipment for aircraft), as well as various related services (technical maintenance, PBB operators, etc.).

The objective of BPEP Spain’s investment in the group was to provide financing for the expansion of its PBB activity for seaports, as well as to relaunch the PBB business for airports under the Adelte brand name, while at the same time developing the services division.

Adelte has since become the world leader in PBBs for seaports, as well as one of the leading companies in airport PBBs worldwide. The company has also reinforced its services division for airports by providing it with a greater international focus.


Grupo Navec Servicios Industriales, S.L.


Grupo Navec is a multinational group headquartered in Tarragona, dedicated to the assembly and maintenance of industrial installations, with experience in more than 20 countries worldwide. The company is comprised of four divisions (Engineering and Manufacturing, Assembly, Maintenance and Applied Engineering), and has subsidiaries located in Peru, Mexico, Bolivia, Colombia and Chile.


BPEP Spain’s investment in the company boosted the buy&build process that originated and gave size to the current industrial group. Additionally, BPEP Spain has consistently supported the internationalization process of its operations.


Currently, Navec’s market position provides wide-ranging coverage for the petrochemical and industrial sectors in Spain and Portugal, and the company is focusing efforts on its growth into new products and sectors, as well as on developing forward its expansion in Latin America.