Investment Focus and Strategy

Capacity, vision, innovation. Value.

The objective for BPEP Spain is to maximize the capacity and value of each one of our investments. In order to achieve this goal, we target companies for which we have identified a clear exit strategy and have confidence in their ability to produce a healthy rate of return in the medium term, thereby achieving maximum profitability for our investors.

BPEP Spain invests in businesses with solid expansion plans for both financing and supporting their development, as well as implementing internationalization processes or fomenting professional management in family businesses undergoing a structural or generational change. We also join company executives involved in management-buy-outs and management-buy-ins as partners.

We invest in equity, mainly in Spanish and Portuguese companies. In our role as a generalist investor, we strive to establish diversified portfolios by investing in all sectors where interesting investment opportunities lie, with the exception of the financial and real estate sectors and others, which may be specifically excluded due to the investment strategy of each fund or client portfolio.

In this context, our investment philosophy is driven by the priority to provide our portfolio companies with equity rather than financial leveraging. We therefore prefer to strengthen the balance sheet of our portfolio companies, and reserve the use of bank financing to primarily promote their expansion and build-up growth.

We target businesses that show potential for growing or exploiting a competitive market advantage to which we can create or add value, and whose rate of return is proportionate to the risk involved. We are committed to our portfolio companies and contribute to them meeting their business plans from a global, adaptable, and innovative perspective.

We seek businesses with experienced and highly-professional management, with the ability to maximize the growth potential of their companies and create value for their shareholders. We support projects, but we invest in people.