Private Equity Funds

With a commitment to each investment as its own unique project, and the experience of them all.

BPEP Spain specializes in mid-market funds principally intended for investment in small and medium-sized companies in Spain and Portugal, with a significant international dimension. Our funds are generalist funds designed to focus on investment opportunities in all sectors, with the exception of the financial and real estate sectors, or any others which may be specifically excluded due to the investment strategy of each fund.

Our Funds target companies with sales of over approximately €30 million, with an established market share or niche, and which are managed from an international perspective, with a focus on the importance of integrating technology and/or innovation in each company’s day to day activities. Target investment in each company is in the range of around €10-20 million.

Our investors include both institutions and private investors who are interested in diversifying their investments in non-listed companies, and are comprised mainly of financial institutions, funds of funds, corporations and family offices.


Since the beginning of its operations, BPEP Spain has managed approximately €335 million in assets, which main funds are the Baring Iberia I, Baring Iberia II and Baring Iberia III Funds.


The objective of the Baring Iberia funds is to invest in mid-cap companies, mainly in Spain and Portugal, with special attention placed on those companies whose use or development of technology plays a dominant role, and which international operations are a relevant part of their businesses.